Harvest Christian Church


Harvest is a family church – made up of young and old, adults and kids, husbands and wives, moms and dads, grannies and grandpa’s. People related physically, and people related spiritually, as brothers and sisters in Christ. As a church, we aim to serve the health of these relationships, through different stages and circumstances of life, in the good times and the tough times. 

The harvest family ministry exists to minister, direct, and counsel members of the church to victory and wholeness in all aspects of family matters, as well as personal growth and stewardship. The harvest family ministry conducts a number of different courses throughout the year which cater to various common family needs, and also provides individual counselling and pastoral counsel.

To find out more or to make an appointment, please email family@harvest.co.za


Mary Villinger

Mary Villinger works with a select volunteer team in overseeing the counselling needs of the church. Mary is a trained Christian counsellor and takes appointments for all family and personal matters for Harvest members. Non-Harvest members are also welcome to make appointments (on Thursdays).

Email: family@harvest.co.za


Marriage Preparation

This is a course for engaged couples, filled with Gods principles to enrich & empower your journey together and designed to equip and prepare you for marriage and the raising of a family. Conducted directly via the pastor who is marrying the couple.

Email: family@harvest.co.za

Marriage Enrichment

This is a seminar for married couples, designed around practical life-changing keys that contribute towards the success and enrichment of marriages, and blessings for families.

Email: family@harvest.co.za

Better Together

A course for engaged couples aimed at the health of Godly covenant relationship. The course centers around love, romance, and intimacy – all from biblical worldview. See it as a date night to enlighten and strengthen your relationship with each other and with the Lord

Email: family@harvest.co.za


This is a course for anyone hurting through divorce or separation, and is designed to help you through one of the most difficult experiences in life through the help of a support group.

Email: family@harvest.co.za

DivorceCare 4 Kids (DC4K)

A course for children affected by divorce or separation of their parents, designed to help them through one of the most difficult experiences in life through the help of a support group.

Email: family@harvest.co.za

Single & Parenting

A course for anyone facing the challenges of single parenthood, and is designed to move you toward rebuilding your life through the help of a support group.

Email: family@harvest.co.za

The Storm Inside

This is a course for all ladies, and tracks the teaching of eight women of the Bible whose stories still speak today, showing that God is faithful and able to get one through the worst storms in life.

Email: family@harvest.co.za

Conquer Series

Most men never leave the battlefield concerning their sexual purity! This course has lead thousands to overcome this battle of addiction by discovering the weapons and strategies of God to remain free.

Email: family@harvest.co.za

Positioned for Blessing

This is a personal growth course for everyone, designed to help clarify and restore your identity and destiny in God to experience the blessing and freedom that God designed and desires for us.

Email: family@harvest.co.za


This is a course for anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one, and is designed to support you through the grieving process as you share with others one of life’s hardest experiences.

Email: family@harvest.co.za

Crown Financial

This is a wellbeing course aimed to help couples and individuals build a biblical understanding of what the word of God teaches us about finances and correctly stewarding our income.

Email: family@harvest.co.za

Baby Dedications

Celebrating the birth of a child and dedicating them to the Lord is a reason to celebrate as a larger church family! If you are a Harvest member, and you and your baby (under 2 years old) would like to be part of a group dedication time within a Sunday service, please look out for our next Baby Dedication Sunday service. God bless

Email: family@harvest.co.za