Harvest Christian Church


This ministry essentially contributes and collaborates with all the other ministries in the church from a creative, communications, and media point-of-view, with the aim of keeping people informed, inspired and engaged as we connect, serve, and grow together. The creative team oversees the look and feel of all things Harvest, all broadcasting content and videography, design touchpoints, photography, graphic and media content, social media, and communications across all sites and platforms.

The exhibition and display of arts, the production of drama and plays, the presentation of creative writing, plus service appearance, celebrations, events and conferences, all come under the covering of this ministry. We’re all creative, made in the image of our great Creator, which is why we want to foster an environment of authentic creativity and innovation, and provide platforms and opportunities within church life for people to express their creative giftings and talents.

If you’re interested in serving or contributing in this area please contact creative@harvest.co.za