Harvest Christian Church


Harvest is a missions church and we believe that every member is a part of God’s mission team. The missions ministry oversees a number of different initiatives ministering to different people’s needs and situations. There are also a number of outreaches planned each year to specific locations and ongoing work at certain mission outposts and stations. We would encourage you to get involved in areas that tug at your heartstrings.

For more information please email missions@harvest.co.za


Mission trips, or outreaches, involve a combination of hands on practical ministry, evangelism, prayer, and discipleship. These all aim to minister to the needs of the local community with the love of Jesus, and to build friendship and trust, with each returning visit. There are regular monthly outreaches into the local Kleinskool community, quarterly outreaches to Keiskammahoek, and annual mission trips to Lesotho and Kenya.


Reaching out through regular short-term outreaches to various rural villages near King Williams Town Eastern Cape.

2024 dates planned:
15-17 March
20-22 September 

To find out more or to join our next Keiskammahoek mission please email missions@harvest.co.za


Reaching out through annual short-term outreaches to remote Basotho Highland villages.

2024 dates planned:
28 November -3 December 

To find out more or to join our next Lesotho mission please email missions@harvest.co.za


Reaching out through annual short-term outreaches to Garissa and the Kenyan east coast.

2024 dates planned:

To find out more or to join our next Kenya mission please email missions@harvest.co.za


Our mission partners are all independent self-governing ministries, who each discerned a specific community need, and then, compelled by love and empowered by grace, stepped in to do something about it. They come under the spiritual covering of Harvest and are partially financially supported by the church. Please feel free to get involved with any of these missions partners by following the links below.


A ministry for addiction recovery – FREE (an acronym for Forgiveness and Restoration through Ending Enslavement) is an outpatient centre which aims to give substance abuse victims the vital tools to stay free, avoid relapse, and become employable

For more information please see free2restore.org

WhatsApp prayer group: 061 537 7941


A ministry for the homeless – taking in destitute and broken people from the streets, and providing them with a place to stay and an opportunity to work, as they are discipled back to restoration.

For more information please see www.vistarus.co.za

WhatsApp prayer group: 068 118 0028

Work for a Living

A ministry for the unemployed – a work program that teaches job readiness and entrepreneurship, and aims to address poverty by empowering and equipping people to fulfil their God-given potential through work

For more information please see work4aliving.org

WhatsApp prayer group: 074 511 1192

Isivuno Training

A ministry for disadvantaged pre-school children + high school maths support – aimed at making a difference in the lives of children through the training and support of crèche, and pre-school teachers in rural or disadvantaged areas, as well as providing high school maths education

For more information please see www.isivunotraining.org

WhatsApp prayer group: 082 657 2701

Loving Hands

A ministry for moms and babies in need – ministering across various hospital maternity wards and providing knitted clothing, blankets, and toiletry packs for new born babies and their moms

For more information please email missions@harvest.co.za

WhatsApp prayer group: 076 224 7216

House of Wells

A ministry for disadvantaged school children – providing discipleship, aftercare, and practical help to underprivileged, abandoned, and vulnerable children and teens living in poverty-ravaged communities

For more information please see www.houseofwells.org

WhatsApp prayer group: 083 245 1775

Bet Sheekoom

A ministry for women in desperate crisis – reaching out to destitute girls on the street who need assistance in leaving a life of drugs and prostitution, by providing a safe haven whilst counselling them back to wholeness

For more information please see www.betsheekoom.org.za

WhatsApp prayer group: 083 652 1753

Farming God’s Way

A ministry for rural farming communities – a biblically based agricultural program consisting of a set of management tools designed to equip and empower the poor to reap the rewards of Godly farming principles

For more information please see www.farming-gods-way.org

WhatsApp prayer group: 076 224 7216

Family Transformation

A ministry for marriage, family, relationships, and well-being – aimed at building, equipping, empowering and restoring lives through biblical lifestyle wellness resources and coaching

For more information please see www.familytransformation.org

WhatsApp prayer group: 082 653 3188

Family Ties

A ministry for orphans, adoption, and fostering – supporting and promoting the placement of orphans and vulnerable children into loving homes within supportive communities

For more information please see www.familyties.org.za

Mercy Ministries

Our Mercy Ministries provide physical relief for the needy through the distribution of donated items; feeding the hungry and housing the homeless through our soup kitchen and lodging partners; and also providing food parcels for church members in desperate need of assistance

For more information please email missions@harvest.co.za

Mission Stations

God-willing mission outreaches become mission stations which ultimately become actual church plants. Whilst this is true for Harvest Kleinskool, the nature of the church plant there means that there is much missional work to still do, which is why it is also still listed here as a mission station. There is also a Harvest mission station in Kenya.


Harvest supports full time missionaries who work and stay among the Somali people in Kenya. A Skill Centre has been set up, which also serves to disciple Muslim background believers that have been ex-communicated from their families for accepting Christ. They reach out to the Somali’s and other unreached people groups in East Kenya, largely through friendship evangelism, and despite great challenges, serve our mission cause there, with the greater love of Jesus.

For more information on our missionary work in Kenya, or to enquire about getting involved please email missions@harvest.co.za


Kleinskool is one of the poorest neighbourhoods and most underprivileged communities in the city. It’s an area where unemployment is rife and where many people live from hand to mouth every single day of their lives. Kleinskool has the highest malnutrition rate in the metropole. It is a neglected neighbourhood without many basic services – no electricity supply and no running water to most households – and where sadly alcoholism and drug abuse is socially accepted and gangsterism is common place. And yet despite it’s predicament, Kleinskool consists of a community of people with the most beautiful smiles. The critical needs of the Kleinskool community have resulted in the establishment of a Christian community centre and multi-site Harvest campus from where various community-based projects and outreach and upliftment ministries are conducted with the help of many Christian volunteers.


Kleinskool is an area that is littered with rubbish. As one might understand, a neighborhood’s cleanliness and upkeep is quite a lot further down the priority chain, after food and shelter. The SwopShop in Kleinskool, established in 2017, is an empowerment initiative that has made a dramatic impact in this community. Every Tuesday the Kleinskool SwopShop opens its doors to a few hundred members of the Kleinskool community, who collectively deposit tons of rubbish that they have painstakingly gathered and sorted from the surrounding neighbourhood, in return for basic food, clothing, and staple necessities. People start queuing early in the morning to wait in line for their turn to deliver their collection of plastic or glass bottles, cans, or pieces of cardboard – which is then weighed and allocated a certain token value – to eventually be redeemed for much needed household goods from a well stocked on-site store. The store is stocked with various bought and donated items, and is replenished each week after a recycling company has removed the sorted rubbish for a fairly nominal contribution towards the running costs of the operation. The Harvest Kleinskool SwopShop is a beautiful opportunity to serve the needs of those less fortunate in a practical way – that not only has a major impact on the external environment by way of cleaning up the area and providing for some essential household needs, but also on the internal environment of people’s hearts and minds as dignity and purpose are restored into their lives.

For more information on our missionary work in Kleinskool, or to enquire about getting involved please email missions@harvest.co.za

Live School

Harvest has partnered with World Mission Centre in planting many Live Schools throughout the country and abroad. Live School is basically a portable missions training and discipleship program that trains indigenous believers in both rural and urban areas to be missionaries to their own and neighbouring people groups. Live School students are then sent out to transform communities, plant churches, and preach the gospel to other communities.

Live School aims to equip the believer to plant local churches and bring the Gospel to the communities wherever they are called to serve.

For more information see www.worldmissioncentre.com

For more information on doing Live School through Harvest, please go to our education page.